Magnitude 5.4 aftershock in Ormoc City

ORMOC CITY— People went into fright anew after another earthquake hit the area on Monday morning July 10, only four days after a magnitude 6.5 tremor shook Leyte.


Customers and personnel at the Gaisano Capital in Ormoc City rush out from the building after a 5.6 magnitude

Roads were clogged up with vehicles as people headed out to the streets to search for a place.

Few people were crying in fear.

No less than 24 students were sent to a medicinal center set up by the city since they were hyperventilating.

The magnitude 5.4 tremor happened around 9:45 a.m. and had its epicenter in Ormoc.

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It occurred when city authorities were getting ready for a meeting to discuss a restoration plan because of the devastation caused by the July 7 earthquake.

Ormoc Mayor Richard Gomez asked the public to remain calm.

He said the meeting would continue while classes would continue although few schools choose to send their students home.


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